Why on earth can’t I get the Detroit Free Press to publish anything related to my TFA experience here?…

Well, now I have my answer. Wendy Kopp (CEO of TFA) is coming to Detroit to lead a book discussion about her new book on saving education (nevermind that she’s never even attempted to be an educator of any kind, but that’s another discussion) and the Detroit Free Press (one the main newspapers here in Detroit that I have repeatedly tried contacting about my horrific TFA experience here) is hosting the event! Wow, I’m saddened by this development, but not surprised at all. No wonder I can’t get anyone at the DFP to touch my story or even respond to my emails. Upon hearing this though, I did immediately email the education reporter for DFT and call her out on this – it should be embarassing for any real journalist…

This is just another example of A) How TFA has an amazing stranglehood over the mainstream media in America these days and B) On a broader (and more disturbing scale) how media has gotten more and more in bed with corporate interests – overlooking facts and multiple sides to issues in the process…

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Hi my name is John Williamson. I'm currently working as a Classroom Coach with a non-profit called College Forward in Austin, TX. Our goal is to get high school students (primarily ones from low-income and first generation backgrounds) into and through college. Originally, I'm from Washington state (Seattle-area) and I went to school at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. Drop me a line if you want to know anything else about me... Peace and love,
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