Finally, a semi-balanced TFA article in semi-main-stream press! A miracle of miracles!

Here’s a link to a semi-balanced, fairly decently written, sort of well-researched article about Teach For America (focused on TFA Detroit no less!):

Of course, I still have a few gripes about the article. One complaint I have in particular is about the absurd TFA Detroit Corps members 93% retention rate claim that I assume TFA fed the reporter. Really? I can personally name enough ex-TFA Detroit Corps members that I know of who have dropped out or otherwise not completed their TFA committment that the 93% number has to be outrightly false or otherwise ‘juked’ (not to mention a good chunk of the TFA Detroit staff had turnover from last year as well).

Nonetheless, overall I still felt the article was surprisingly well written (compared to the general garbage TFA puff pieces that litter mainstream media) and brought up some thoughtful criticisms of TFA – however minimally it explored the broader issues. I wish the reporter had interviewed me! I would have provided some good insight :-). Good job Huff-Po!


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Hi my name is John Williamson. I'm currently working as a Classroom Coach with a non-profit called College Forward in Austin, TX. Our goal is to get high school students (primarily ones from low-income and first generation backgrounds) into and through college. Originally, I'm from Washington state (Seattle-area) and I went to school at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. Drop me a line if you want to know anything else about me... Peace and love,
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